Tom's Out of Date Technology collection:

That's right boys and gals, lets check out what technology I still use that is ridiciously out of date and hurts my soul:

1) Creative Nomad Jukebox Zen 20gb

About 3 and half years old, it's actually a laptop harddrive in an mp3 player metal shell. My screen backlight hasn't worked for over 2 years and its battery time is getting a bit suspicious but I love it with my soul. Possibly the most indestructable mp3 player ever, I've dropped it onto concrete by accident before and dents can be easily hammered out by unscrewing the shell. No stupid DRM software, just plays my mp3s with skill and clarity. Bonus.

2) My Dell m770 CRT monitor
Nuff said. Sucks, probably burning my retinas, though its lasted me *thinks* probably 6 years?

3) My PC

Again 3 years old, with a graphics card that can't physically play the latest games and sometimes has a hissy fit. A processor that's lasted me well but is severely behind the times and one of the hard drives has a fetish for deleting my mp3s during its trimonthly crashes. Somehow its still stupidly stable running Windows XP Professional, current uptime is 41 Days, 1 Hours, 10 Minutes, 43 Seconds. Take that global warming. (disclaimer: photo not of my PC, experiences may vary)

4) Panasonic VS6
Due to me being a stupidly poor student, instead of getting the latest nokia I had to get this heap of cheapness when my K750i broke. Its surprisingly good value for money, but lacks a screen on the front so I have no idea who is calling and can't ignore it when people like Stu call. It also has a crap amount of memory and its software is slightly pondersome.

4) HP-Compaq nx9005 Laptop
Over 3 years old it has the power and skill of a spaktarded dead baby lemming. Though it still has its uses when working on campus, it can barely run two things at once and has a suspiciously reduced in power during its lifespan. There was a time when it could play Vice City. I won't bore you with the specs, but needless to say, the battery lasts about 1.5 hours. Shit cakes anonymous. It also weighs 3.6 tons and is larger than my love for tuna.

5) Casio EX-Z4B Camera
Not that bad, 4 megapixels, but I can't fecking record more than 60 seconds of vid before it stops. Whats the damn point in that?! plus I can't hack it. Still its pretty good, except I got ripped off cos I bought it from Dixons. Yeah that girl is in my room. BAM.


Kath 4:41 pm  

You know if you keep that shit for another year, it'll be considered "retro" and fetch a fortune on eBay.

Tommeh 9:00 am  

I am the suspecting it may implode by then though, stupid dangerous room

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