If I was a woman I would rule the world

With the combination of my awesomeness (ahem) and a woman's effort I do believe the leaders of this world would cower at my very presence. Similar to the "Boing" guy I met in WHS smiths who walked into the shop with a toy train in his hand and exclaimed to me sincerely a single word. Which was "Boing" as u may have guessed.

Is it also possible to reach the limit of your intellect? On Friday I totally fucked up a Java exam, like afterwards when peeps were talking it seemed as though I had got EVERYTHING wrong, not sure how I managed that. And it was worth 2% of our degree. GOD dammit.

I forgot to mention, as I haven't blogged, that we had an Applied Artificial Intelligence social on the day of Monday in The Olde Firehouse. Was good fun and even the ledge who is Ed turned up for a few beers and hilarity.

Finally check out my review of Hoodwinked, the 3D laugh fest of the autumn.

Things you didn't know about Tom:

I've never owned a Hi-Fi system.


Anonymous 8:14 pm  

Seriously, your reviews kick ass

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