Exeter Reunion

I could pretend to remember exactly what we did, but I think it basically involved me working nearly all the time except when I wasn't. And then I was drinking. We began in the Ram, hardcore style at some crazy hour of 1 or 2. We proceeded to play some form of drinking games that spread confusion and shocking rules throughout the group and our brains.

From there we went to Alex's house and grabbed some pizzeria, which we munched while possibly consuming beer and readying ourselves for the Lemmy. We poured into the lemmy with antics and banter, and then soon I was covered in beer and Maddy and Louis were attempting to detach my legs while I was hovering above young mike. Luckily at this stage in the evening mike was half asleep and probably didn't notice. We then proceeded to quaff even more alcohol, my face fell off, Katie and her friend James was there, and so was Birthday Jack and mr trehair, and then some fights broke out. In a fit of alcoholicness I decided it was vital to get a pizza, which resulted in one of Maddys friends starting on Pete due to her foolish accusation of molestation. Unfortunately, I stepped in between them all macho, luckily Maddy called off her crazy housemate, and me and Pete won the moral victory by not having to knee cap anyone and I ate meat.

In the morning I worked even more. *shakes fist*


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