On the values of circulation and dying tissue

You may think because I'm eating soup at 20 past midnight I'm a wreck of a mess of a person completely running outta sanity. I'm not sure how u inferred all that simply from me eating soup so late, but well done. You may be looking backwardly along the time line of my blog speculating the sparseness that is lingering around. Well I'm about to drown my blog in events that I have participated in... assuming I can remember something humourous to write about them.

Hopefully my lack of wordsmithery will be balanced out by some photo evidence... if I have any. Currently I'm wasting the evening/night playing dead rising, which is unsurprisingly quite poor in quality. My room is a mess as well, and its summer ball tomorrow. woo!

enough now.


Anonymous 3:27 pm  

Pfft, circulation is so overrated! *nods*

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