Summer Ball

Summer ball = awesome. I'm not sure how I can construct a stimulating and comprehensive narrative of the entire event, but I shall waffle a bit then u can look at the pretty photos. There were chocolate fountains, and burgers, and pork, and nachos, and currys, and more food than my face can handle. Plus there was alcohol of all forms, and quite cheap (tho I still spent like 30/40 quid). The Magic Numbers played, as well as campus bands, the Jazz band and other people. I think they were all good, I'm not totally sure. Unfortunately Sam had raptor fever, so wasn't feeling fantastic but I think the alcohol soon helped that. We all failed to reach survivors tho due to general tiredness, and I ended up walking home with 2 crazy guys who I can't remember anything distinguishing about them except I believe I was the pinnacle of wit, and they thought I was legendary. No doubt I was just spurting out my generic catch-phrases.

Things commenced in normal style, with a 200 pound bottle of champagne.... It was like drinking diamond encrusted gold. but in liquid form. with bubbles. and tasting like champagne.


As the night progressed, so did the guy on guy licking situations.

Crazy smiles are fun. Funner than everything, up to and including drinking your face into oblivion *nods*

Maddie and Sam on the rib crusher ride. I fear my heart got speared by a stray rib I didn't need. It's fine I walked/drank it off.

Now? Hangover central.


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