A night of decadence

So last night I was humbly invited round Katie and Claire's house for a slap mean, luxurious style. We began with Spanish chorizo for starter, with home made sangria which consisted of fruit, Red Wine, Orange Juice, Scotch Whiskey, Vermouth, and some more crazy spirits. Next up we had an expertly prepared chicken, prawn and vegetable paella:

which mixed the rich aromas of Mediterranean vegetables with the gentle and intricate flavours of chicken and prawn. Following this was a champagne interlude, or to be correct a delightful Asti from the Canelli Hills in Northern Italy supplied by moi:
For desert a phenomenal passion fruit cheesecake, in a heart shape! Extreme taste, and awesomeness in a bowl.
To follow were aftereight mints and a evening of brain taxing games, helped along by vats of sangria:
We first of all played Cluedo, which turned out to end far quicker than any of us remember. We then played Jenga, which I managed not to destroy like normal, much to my surprise. Finally we played some riddle game called Mindtrick, or Mindmash, or MindFuxxor, or something equally painful to contemplate, which we played until we basically drove our brains to sleep. Not before being scared shitless by a football hitting the house, and thinking the assassins were coming for me *cowers*

Awesome night.


Anonymous 3:24 pm  

Man, that sounds amazing. I want chorizo and paella and heart-shaped passionfruit cheesecake *pouts* Ooh look, something shiny...

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