Saturday In Bristol

After waking up pretty late and feeling pretty shocking all round we ventured out to the White Hart where we got some damn good value for money meals. I got a balti, tho due to a lack of rice in the local area I had to have it with chips... still yummy. And I combined the powers of Orange Juice and BLACK BLACK BLAAAAAAAACK coffee to fix me for the day ahead. On the way back we hit the Bristol Museum of Bristolia Shazam:
Here we can see an amazing mosaic of my own design, it's shown sideways to show off its multi-angle flexibility, and not because I forgot to rotate the photo....

Unaware of her impeding doom at the hands (or at least beak) of the last DoDo, Cory posed with stunning enthusiasm....

After an in depth conversation into the social and political issues facing this current generation of Bristol Resident, Simon gave out a yelp of disgust as he realised he was talking to a human with very poor photographing skillery.

Since the sun came out and destroyed the clouds we decided our only option for survival was to hit the Golf range hard, and we did. In a kind of slowly dying at our lack of control and the amount of balls we lost way. When I say we I mean me and Ad, and when I say lost, I mean swallowed by all the God damn grass around. We finally made it to the end of the course, only for me to realise that I'd parked in a prime spot for my car to be destroyed by a stray golf ball. Luckily it was fine and we galloped off to Sainsburies.

Our next plan of action involved a bbq in Victoria park (I think), which turned into an awesomely chilled evening in a nearly empty park with tunes, beer, sausages, chicken wings, burgers and football. We got back around 10, and still with the dance in our hearts we headed to Riley where me and cory beat Adam at snooker (once) and I lost drastically at Pool.

All in All an extremely successful day, bonus points to all involved!


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