And so the excitement insomnia begins

Which is to be expected really, unfortunately, I really need my beauty sleep as I have a list of at least 30 things I need to acquire from bluewater tomorrow, but not before I finally get my long flowing locks cut. At the moment I'm closely following the Democratic primaries in the US as it seems quite exciting, for politics. For some reason I want Obama to beat Clinton, but this is founded on no solid facts or any deep reasoning. The race is quite lively, but I think Clinton will get through super Tuesday still in the lead, though hopefully it will be tight.

In even more enthralling escapades in my life, I'm bluetoothing some humourous videos from the party at the weekend on to my lappy, which I can than upload to facebook, or youtube, or something equally poor quality. I was going to post this on wandering tectonics but it's not related to my travel enough. And I have more freedom here to say things like "baby sex Olympics" and other equally quasi-shocking randomocities.

The wind is rather windy tonight as well, and all manner of doors are banging, and mice are howling, which makes it very hard to sleep at all. Stupid excitement. Or maybe it's more worry at things I have to do before I go. Pah. Down with you all.


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