Wandering Tectonics

As I stare wistfully through the internet, my face illuminated by the constant glow of two liquid crystal displays, I twitch slightly as I repress the realisation that my preparation for my soon to commence epic journey, is minimalistic at best. In keeping with tradition, I've failed to keep track of bookings, purchased items, pieces of paper, and tasks yet to be accomplished. With classic off-putting, I've left everything to the last day, including having my golden locks lopped off savagely by a stranger.

No fear, as always, blogging maintains it's position at the top of my priorities, and so with no further ado I unveil my new travel blog:

Wandering Tectonics

Similar to last time, the number of entries on this blog will be minimal, with most of my emotastic thoughts and strangely erogenous experiences being crowbared into this new home for the next 6 months. Don't forget to keep checking here as well though, you never know when my shenanigans will erupt into an X-rated descriptive nightmare.

Estimated Time of Commencement: 7th February - 17:00.


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