Derren Brown "The System" spoilers

It's no secret that I have a man crush on Derren Brown, for he is my demi-god. As normal, Derren Brown is one step ahead of all us mere mortals. He just did a special where he predicts horse races perfectly using "The System"

He gets this random woman to place bets, first anonymously via emailed/texted tips, and she films her self, and obviously she wins every single time, 5 times in a row. The last time she actually went to the race course and he reveals himself to her. He's all like "Hey gal, next time I want you to bet LOADS, come back next week with monies" and she's all like "k".

You have to understand she's a single parent with no money,and has to work 2 jobs just to make ends meet. So obviously she takes out a 3 grand loan and borrows a grand from her dad *headdesk*, to bet on the last race. Though it's all a bit more sneaky than you first think, turns out, for the first 5 races, Derren got nearly 8000 people, and split them up evenly, so eventually one person is bound to have one all 5 in a row, then the next one he's just going to guess.

He places the bet for her, comes back, and explains it all to her, and it goes down a bit like this but not really at all:

she's like OH SHIT FOOL
and they watch the race
and the horse they bet on loses
and she's like TIT FUCK
and then derren is like SHIT MAN, we fucked that up.... oh wait I forgot how awesome I am, check your ticket
and it's all like KABLAM!!! you won 13 grand
as obviously it turns out he managed to predict the race. Or some other more rational trick.

In other news I'm reading his Tricks of the Mind book at the moment, it's extremely excellent. Go buy it.


William_Tapscott 1:44 am  

Actually, this time we were one step ahead of Derren -- see my entry at aboutderrenbrown:

Anonymous 12:32 am  

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