I'm not Australien!

Why do I always get embarrassed and ashamed when people ask what degrees I did and what grades I got? I fear people then see past my cool, suave exterior and think I'm a geek. It's as if I was recompiling my kernal or something... Also, some people of the British persuasion think I'm well spoken! Obviously I don't speak like a chav and I sometimes use crazy words, but my enunciation is shizer!.

While I am on a little rant, I'd like to point out that people really should consider other mp3 players rather than just default choosing ipods! I can understand shuffles and nanos because they are most excellent, but everyone turns their nose up at my zen, even though every feature (apart from its street cred) is better than an ipod! Death to all.

My forearms rock your world.


Anonymous 9:00 am  


Mines a Sony which atm i hate cos i cant get hold of a friggin in line remote for :(

I also worked out that the old thing was shorting my mp3 out = destruction of ears!

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