"Fuck you man" gesticulated Archie, "Fuck the whole freakin' system".

Lucy gazed on, an air of bemused wonderment descended, as the strange scene unfolded before them. Neither of them really understanding the political ramifications of such an action, they both began to sidle carefully along the charred remnants of the space submarine. After what seemed like an eternity of incandescent shuffling, they reached the edge of the raptor enclosure and found a vacant tumble dryer. In unspoken unison, they threw both sleeveless sextants in the shute and ran to the nearest jeti.

A loud glare echoed throughout the chamber as the cool breeze ruffled through Lucy's already disheveled hair.

"I'm scared" recycled Archie, emitting an intense table like appearance, arousing Lucy at the most inconvenient moment. The unicycle felt unsteady,

"I can't keep this up much longer" she whimpered.

"Then stop, I'm not sure why you're on that contraption anyway, you're complicating matters" disenfranchised Archie, ignoring his own simultaneous rodent fetish.

"Enough" whispered the lead Raptor, as the world tore at the seams, ripping the beauty of the night with it....


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I just bought Bioshock.

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