Halp! A spy from the planet cyclops has invaded our city!

No worries though, via an intrepid series of counter-intelligence he was apprehended. In related news, I finally got a hair cut. Unfortunately, when I asked for a "surfer" hair cut, I fear he thought I said a "special" hair cut. Ah well, I got blantantly brand blinded in Boots today as I bought some crazy gel type hair controlling device that had the word surf on it. I also bought half of the shop, which was impressive, as well as some cool new Vans shoes. Not quite the trekking shoes I was probably meant to be *Shrugs*

Once more, England has reverse knee dropped me as normal, just when I'm about to leave to other shores, it pulls out an amazingly beautiful day, and I'm like darn cakes. On top of that I was driving back from blue water as the sun set around me in a cloudless sky with Lostprophets on. Tug the heartstrings why don't you?

So I still haven't began packing, and I have also to watch the footie match tonight, and possibly Torchwood if I can somehow record it/download it in time. Oh how time mocks me with it's linearity or a similar word that means something I meant to mean but didn't. I started learning mandarin a bit last night, was quite interesting, using Pimsleur which is all audio based and now on my magic mp3 player. Oh shit. That reminds me, need to sort out all manner of electrical goods, including upgrading firmware/OS on my nokia. *breaths deeply*

Nah it's all good. Dinner time (T minus 22 hours 45min).


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