*swears violently*

One of my long term "rivals" or "enemies" appears to like the Eels, Death Cab For Cutie and The Postal Service. Fucker. He/She is not allowed to like such awesome bands. *curb stomp*

In other news my phone was annoying me, cos I couldn't turn off the camera sounds for voyeuristic tendencies. So I hacked into the phones firmware and manually deleted them *Grins* Here are two extremely funny clips that you should really check out, especially if you have Geek blood:

and then two more geek related funtabs:


Anonymous 3:18 pm  

So you went for rival rather than nemesis? *is now rather curious*

Rather awesome development, that I can access your blog from the Lycée. Means that your blogs may be spammed with comments should I find myself with time to fill *rubs hands together* Have yet to try with your travel blog though...


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