Breast Taking Views

CIMG1012 I like sushi. In my mouth. Which is what we mainly did today, in Notting Hill Gate, in a very homely and empty sushi restaurant that Shing knew. I got a Sapporo beer, as they are indeed the greatest of Japanese beers. We did unfortunately end up spending around 20 quid each on sushi as we couldn’t decide what types to have. Very yummy though. Raw fish is good for you, or so I hear. Or it kills you viciously and with no remorse. Like robots. More tasty though.CIMG1020

Our main reason for existence today was in fact to go to the Ice Sculpting Festival by the Natural History Museum, which turned out to be around 6 ice sculptures. Was still cool (haw haw) though. We spent the rest of the time going around the Natural History Museum, which is pretty awesome, especially the volcano and escalator that travels through the earth.

CIMG1024 Afterwards we obviously had to recover from all the knowledge we absorbed with ease and grace, so we bust open some coffee to cleanse our souls. Then we returned home for sleep and rejuvenation.


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