Go West.

With Ad hanging around like a dead horse, we decided to perambulate off to the Westfield shopping centre while Rex was faffing around in Whitstable or somewhere equal in estuary fame. After 30 minutes on the central line, which in truth, is about 29 minutes too long on the central line we arrived in Shepherd's bush and were quite impressed with the complex of high class shops that stretched out before us. So we decided to eat. And had an awesome Greek/Moroccan or something P020109_15.38meal, where I got some meat and humus extravaganza, and Ad got a cake which had the same gravitational pull as a neutron star, which is pretty massive. I do believe the place was called Del Aziz or something equally vague. While ad was trying to munch his way through his chocolate and fruit cake, I ordered a large coffee, after which the waitress warned be about it. Turns out the mug was like 3 times the size of the mugs we have at the house, so basically a caldron. YUM.

We then shopped a bit, with Ad being awesome and helping me get a load of work stuff, mainly shirts and ULTIMATE POWER TROUSERS, from Debenhams. Overall spent about £100, and I’m sure I’ll end up wearing rags or something to work. We may have done other things today, I suspect maybe Gears of War 2. BLAM.


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