We’ve, got these mouths to feed…

After getting up a bit late and once more exercising our faffing skillery, we poodled off into Stabford centre where we accidently fell into the Fox bar and ended up staying for around 7 cocktails due to our own insanity and vicious rumours concerning happy hour(s). We were getting nice and merry, and Katie and Jon joined us before we staggered home. Shing then made us epically awesome teriyaki  chicken, followed by a somewhat sickly but still very nice (in classic diabetes inducing style) lemon curd meringue. Unfortunately, Rex could not enjoy his time spent at the table as he was mainly losing consciousness and dying epically inside, so he had to go to bed early, at around 9.30. Via a cunning trick we made Ad stay another night. Bonus. Maybe.


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