Good vs Evil

CIMG1176 Today was the much anticipated joint party of Rex, Hess and Shing, and as normal we attempted to scare people off with an elaborate theme for dressing up. I will subtly now copy the facebook group information in the name of art:

During the night, you must find your NEMESIS and IMG_1249JUXTA-your-POSITION in the game by EVIDENCING your achievements by form of [NAKED] PHOTOGRAPHY! Penalties of SHOTS and sorts will be involved.

Luckily this didn’t happen, or I just don’t remember it happening really because I drank a beer or two… Rex, Shing and I went to Camden in the morning to finish off our costumes, not that successfully, but I did find a necklace with some form of cross on, and we got to have coffee AND Paella. Man I love Paella, don’t you? Saffron baby, it’s where it’s at.

IMG_1208After our successful return we began decoration of our house, though tbh it was mainly raffle and shing, green lighting and foliage made our kitchen a perfect Garden of Eden, with the dining room and the living room being Heaven and Hell respectively, via placement of various clouds, and red based products + lighting.

People started to arrive, and I was surprisingly CIMG1219impressed at the eclectic mix of costumes, from Angels, Messiahs and Devils to Lara Croft, The Riddler and Tron, I think most bases were covered including vast amounts of alcohol. I would like to recount vastly humourous memories from the party but unfortunately I was fuzzed out by the drugs in my vein. I think the video below should be able to mostly summarise the evening. Jesus dancing with an ugly sister/hooker. Classic blasphemy.



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