Let the weekend heal us…

CIMG0992 To celebrate the end of my first week, though mainly for Rex’s birthday, we all met once more after work (I feel so professional). Luckily for me, we met in the Bar One near my work, Rex first, and then Shing and Rachel. By the time we left we were all quite merry, with Rachel catching up with us on the train here! We then staggered to an awesome Moroccan Tapas restaurant, which I couldn’t quite focus on anything, and had a nice set menu, though there was some perfume flavoured meat, that at the time I liked, CIMG0998 but in hindsight I have my doubts if I did.

On the walk back Shing and I were walking so fast, we got ahead of the Rex and Rachel, so ran into the King Edward and bolted a sambuca and got out when they were walking past. King Edward seems dope. I think we drowned in sleep at home.


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