So you can forget....

CIMG0980 Yesterday/Today we had our most excellent New Years Party, though it was a bit slow at starting, mainly due to board games, and musical instruments and the such like. Dan, Ad and I lost dramatically at articulate, which is surprising, but not unexpected. Wait, what?

Then Dan wrote a vast essay on his current state of mind on my whiteboard while Ad bust out some blues uCIMG0983pon his guitar. In the mean time, I pondered life in the kitchen. Soon it was time for the new year, and such, and things and what your mum said u should never do unless in a tax-free constituency.  Following this, it came to my attention everyone needed to drink more, so we set about constructing a regime of rules for Ring of Fire *waves hands*. Needless to say, it was quite destructive on my soul, especially as I got the last drink in the middle card, and had to drink a pint ofCIMG0978 the most horrendous concoction of drink imaginable. After which I was close to vomitting, possibly over Hess or Dan. But I didn't. So we played again, but it soon descended into nothing, and people falling asleep. So I  decided to argue with Jason for about 3 hours about how horrendous Halo 3 is as a game, especially compared to previous games in the history of gaming. Which I think killed everyone else.
Unsurprisingly I was shattered in the morning, but Shing and Tracey made breakfast, and we tidied up, followed by Ad making an awesome thai green curry for the house fools and hess. And we got Gears 2 so started playing that, which seems quite fun but a bit like Gears 1 really. Good times.


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