Dublin - Monday

CIMG1155 Felt a bit jank in the morning, and shattered due to the vast quantities of poison our jovialness forced us to consume amongst the underage teeny boppers. Checked out of our lovely hostel after the required faffing and multi showering, then walked to find somewhere for a cooked breakfast without throwing up all over Adam. Saw the adequate Dublin Castle which was CIMG1160oddly blended between old classic castle, modern, and crazy Spanish architecture. We then just flapped around nearby in our slightly tipsy state, playing on a fountain. Went to a cool park near the club, and Dan got shat on by a bird, highly hilarious at the time, especially as I managed to dodge the splash back. We went to chill in the nearby shopping centre and pretended we were 15 again, and we were in Virgin, as opposed to being 23 and fighting liver disease. CIMG1166 We're so cool. Grabbed some lunch in the Temple Bar Bar, which turned out to be surprisingly cheap all along, and then headed back to get the bus to the airport and fly successfully home. Very good, if somewhat expensive trip of everyone involved.


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