All the Tension and the Terror...

I have Man Flu. But getting better. Went to grad fair with Rexus Maxus, via the magic of London transport. Initially we only had a short look inside and it all seemed a bit hectic. Though MI5 woman thought my grades were sexy, even though I suspect working for them would involve a web of lies and intrigue which isn't worth it.

We then met Dan and Shing for lunch in a Lloyds bar, which was nice and I got to have a John Smiths. Shing then returned with us to the Grad Fair which turned out to be a bit poo. Then my left shoe started consuming my foot and we accidentally had expensive coffee in Hilton Cafe. Shing spent 7.50 on some crazy yet small bailey's coffee thing. Poor furniture there as well.

We then wandered until my foot was about to fall off, and so we got some plasters and had decent coffee in Nero. Note To Self: Steal a Nero coffee stamp. We chilled in Nero for ages, just chatting, which was really dope. Then home and Rex abusing my facilities. I guess I prolly just bummed around after that.

Who else notices that my blog slows down firefox cos of the flash player to your right? Excellent.


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