Oh fellow readers, many a decision in mankind's history has averted or been the fundamental cause of catastrophe. As some of you may or may not know, or not care, I plan to pursue a career in travelling around the world gayley. Though in a purely heterosexual sense (sorry Stu). This presents me with a plethora of problems, though none more pressing than the issue of this wonderful vomit stain on the otherwise polished and untarnished tubes of the Interwebs. You may think:

"Hey Tom, Tom of wonder, Tom of light, why do you worry so, you can just blabble your normal mix of insightful knowledge and razor blunt wit on this dank corner of the internet. For now the internet has spread to the far reaches of the earth, and no more shall we be lost in the blinding glare of real life"

Alas, young, naive reader, you have failed to grasp the crux of the matter, true, I can remain elusively illustrious here, on this epic blog, however, I can't, for instance, let my mother read this. Not just because of the number of commas peppered throughout the past sentence, but also due to the often, and frequent references to eye socket sex. Amongst other things. Therefore I require a blog which can be afresh of past atrocities. Furthermore, this blog lacks any form of GPS geocoding support or mapping facility, and as you all know, without being a gadget whore, I am just a whore. Therefore, a place like would be ideal to birth this sensual mecca of perambulatory information.

Unfortunately, the achievement I hold most dear in my somewhat sloppy 22 years of existence is this blog, and I cannot just let it wither and mold during my time away. Therefore I'll have to keep blogging here in the uncensored babble you have all grown accustomed to ignoring. Therefore, I'll have to keep two blogs, which is an extreme amount of effort. Luckily, this is where I introduce my idea of buying a Nokia N810 Internet Tablet. Plus I need a new camera. Oh and I don't know where I'm going yet. And I don't have a bag. Or anything. I have a book though. It's pretty. And tries to make me listen to the voices that tell me to become a hippie and take drugs. Bad rough guide, bad.

Now away with you, I have emo stick people to depress you with!


Anonymous 5:28 pm  

usually i hate nokias as they are gay and used to be as common as a chav..but now it's more likely to be sony ...yea i know i have one..but anyways the niokia r planning on getting actually looks quite sexxy...

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