People say to me

Tom, you create the illusion of intelligence, you have nearly legal hair and jeans with only a slight hint of coffee stains, where can an idea get you?

Well kids, an idea in this day an age of inter webular communication can launch a thousand websites and break a million hearts. The following case studies will not only cement this to your face but also demonstrate the minuscule size of the Internet in the traditional "time it takes news to travel" sense.

Case Study 1: Dave Hulbert

You may or may not know my friend Dave. He once saw a large carrot.

For his final year project he decided on creating a bittorrent client for mobile phones. This initially was just an idea, with no guarantee of completion or continuous development. However, immediately after he created a site detailing his intention, the Internet BLEW UP. And we all had to go home... I kid. It blew up with his awesome idea. Soon many a news website was carrying his story, he was interviewed, the story translated in to many weird languages, and his alpha code hosted on random sites.

The aftermath? A google search for "wizbit bittorrent" generates ~1700 results, and for "wizbit bittorrent hulbert" we get ~125 results. The wikipedia trail is even more cool, with the Bittorrent Client comparison containing wizbit, as well as the Wizbit and Hulbert articles! This crazy foreign wikipedia even has a page on it! All from just an idea. More cool links related to it can be found on the wizbit blog.

Case Study 2

Yo' mamma!


Michael 3:39 pm  

Dave's Wikipedia page is cunningly empty. Empty like a shark!

David Hulbert 1:10 pm  

It's wikipedia, you can edit it! Go Mike go!

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