Celebratory explosion

Before we began ruffle's celebrations we slammed into Orpington so the twits could remove their golden locks, we could get travel cards and rex could slaughter some hookers. After dropping car off we went to the Queen's Head in green street green to watch the rugby. Except they don't have televisions. As a strange twist of fate, however, as we walked in Andy and Lucy walked in. I was like

and they were like
and I was like
"oh yeah"

and then we all merrily drank alcohol, specifically John Smith's and Guinness:

Andy and Lucy went to grab food and we perambulated on to the harvest moon, where we met the rest of the posse and traversed, via electronically powered rail transport. Though we missed it first of all and had a quick drink in the maxwell. Finally in beckenham we went to ye olde Goose, got food and much drink. We then divided and a load of us went on to continue the celebratory explosion in croydon, specifically in walkabout. Not before having a kebab in beckenham however. After a while in walkabout, we were shattered so grabbed some kfc and got a taxi home, that was cheaper than last time. Bonus.


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