To London!

And so we did. First hit hyde park, which is big, and really dope. Ate some sandwiches we prepared, and wander on along the water side. I got to take a photo of two american girls, one was quite hot. There were fountain's involved and the such like. Then we came up on The Albery Memorial. It's classic british pomp. Love it:

Very big. Anyway, it's right in front of the albert hall which we oooh'd at:

then we checked into our hotel, which was alright, and then headed out to find some form of food establishment. Actually I lie, we went to the Natural History Museum for a few hours, looked at some cool exhibits about our place in evolution and some interesting reading about primates. We were going to see the dinosaur section but it was packed with stunted people. We then found an organic Italian place, and although I have certain issues with the current organic "culture", I'm not one to care, and it was jolly yummy. I had pasta, chillis, chicken and pepperoni. It may have had al fredo at some point in the title. I also had an organic beer, which was of good quality and decent alcohol. Plus mum paid, so bonus. We then pootled back to get ready to see Don Mclean at the Albert Hall, my hair was like this:

Which was nice. We then went to the concert, and it turns out, the hall is an impressive site, nearly as impressive as the panorama feature on my phone:

Don Mclean was vastly excellent, and played non stop for 2 hours. Which is impressive as he's like 62. American Pie was an amazing sing along standie up clappy affair, which everyone seem to enjoy, and loads of his other songs were really well done. He had an opening act was really good, though can't remember her name. She was possibly Irish, but lived in Australia. After the gig, my mum was all excited, and I was hungry, so we went to a shop and I got a powerade and some pringles. Good times. Then I read some of my AI for Game Developers book.


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