The girls over there are far too young for coffee.

I think my readership has reduced since my period of communication inactivity. Yes, that's right. I could stay in a coffee shop for the rest of my life writing into a notebook, looking like a hippy.

Haw Haw. I said readership. Anyone.... rofl a baby just threw up... anyway. Anyone want Half life 2 and Episode 1 for free? Seeing as Dan is blaspheming and buying it for the 360 I cannot give it to them. Wait, Episode 1 has gone to ad.

Argh a low flying brick just hit my eye. Who else gets overally motivated with life when out of the house, but crushed when they re-enter.

Crazy coffee woman just scared herself with some crazy bell. Highly funny, as I was standing right in front of her. Much laughter ensured. Then I was like, "Hey baby, it must be winter because the demand for electricity has sky rocketed and the elderly death rate has increased." I suck at chat up lines

When I'm elderly I'm gonna live somewhere hot in the winter so death doesn't consume me via flu. My hand is sweating from writing so much. I am also drinking far too much coffee for the average bear.

Okay, I confess, I bought the xbox game BtVS: Chaos Bleeds for 2.99 today. You happy now? I feel sorry for Rex, he has a crazy condescending woman in charge of him. At least he now knows deceased means dead.... Costa is my haven of reminiscent solitude within the poo that is Orpington. My dislike for the Orp is starting to mimic a hate crime.


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