I like fests. Who else likes fests? I see you, at the back, with the wooden leg, and suspicious smell. You like them too. What I especially like is xbox 360 games fests. Which is what occurred on saturday and sunday at Chateaux Danu (avec Rex and the legendary alcohol box). Two 360s system linked, and 2 copies of Halo 3.

Yes I know, I hate halo. Doesn't mean I shouldn't give this incarnation another chance. Anyway we played a small bit of coop, just between me and dan, which was moderately alright. Then Rex kindly made us a scrummy chilli con gypsy. Then Rugby occurred, which we watched with confusion and slight contempt, luckily we had beer to sooth the pain. At half time all the damn power cut went out, luckily as we vaguely recollected a time without the Internet, we found some candles and torches and a Ruffle driving past, and we orchestrated a quick bout of Texas Holdem. Which I surprisingly won, even though I normally get owned, in the ass, with a metaphorical shovel of gambling prowess. Anyway, when the match finished the power popped back on we began an onslaught of Halo 3 4 person Campaign Coop.

4 hours later, we finally realised it was repetitive, shit and exactly the same as Halo 2, with a dull story line, shitty weapons, and shitter monsters. The only thing that kept it fun was mowing each other down with a various array of vehicles. Excellent. I then got hit by some crazy instant illness and we ended up sleeping.

Next day after a bit of Tony Hawk's and bacon sandwich, we played 4 hours of fucking awesome Halo 3 multiplayer. It's a amazing a game can be so shit and so good at the same time. So many different game types. Zombie Infection is awesome. Anyway this blog post is far too long for you uncouth animals to remain focus on, and indeed I'm starting to ramble, so away with thee.


Anonymous 11:23 pm  

Totally meant to comment earlier, but I fail. But I do so heart fests.
That is all.

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