Speaking of ideas

which I wasn't, I thought I'd begin this post as my brain erupted in a train of thought which I've been attempting to hold back in the vein attempt to let my usual witty, and informative inspirational pieces of post-modern literature sweep across the pages of this blog. Yet a blog isn't made of pages and further more I couldn't care less about the rest of this sentence. My thought tube stems from the incessant calls I'm receiving from recruitment agencies, who all seem to want to hide behind a veil of withheld numbers and snooty attitudes to someone who requires a deferred job. Neither the less, their main concern is securing me as a possible employee for some random over specific, underpaying crab shack of a software development house. On top of this, they have the knowledge that the likely recipient to their call is either desperate for a job, in dire need for a job, or just really really wants some form of low-paid slavery contract. This leads on to a conversation that leaks formality and a balance of attitudes where both parties require the other. This leads on to my thought that if one of these parties is not actually caring about the outcome of such a conversation, the grandeur of a lie could be increased past the barrier of normal sanity. For instance, if I stated that my family had just been slain by a one armed machete wielding maniac, who in turn had infected me with cat aids with the promise of a cure if I broke him out of a high security, yet easily infiltrated gaol, then this would be accepted with apparent good nature as there is no reason for someone who is desperate for work such as myself to lie.

Without re-reading what I just wrote I can safely say I could have reached my point significantly faster and with less goat shinning if I was really bothered. Unfortunately, I just watched a few too many Zero Punctuation reviews and felt this would be useful at 6.23 on a Thursday evening.

Enough now.


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