Hey girlies, I'm wet.

See, this is what happens when I leave the house, I get more soggy than someone whose got a degree in wetness from the university of OhMyFuckingGodItsWetHereWhyDidn'tSomeoneTellMeBeforeISignedUp... yeah...

so in other news I'm behind on my work, Arsenal lost and my feet still smell.

Luckily we got drunk two nights ago and it resulted in much beating up with cushions, mainly of Stu, so he now has a lump on his head and my side is severed, or other such device. We then walked all the way to the kebab shop and back just for food, damn we're cool.

no really, I'm actually freezing, stupid weather. I also had a crazy dream that we were in Bromley for Dan's b-day, and we went in BHS for some reason, and I kept like semi-blacking out for a few seconds, and for some reason I called it Halluncinating, so I went to the pharmacy counter and the dude gave me like a handful pills that were HUGE, and cost me 11 quid goddammit. Then we went to spoons, and confusion and I was scared at one point. Then I woke up but was still asleep, and my brain was like wtf.

Then Louis played stereophonics really loudly and I was like ah.

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"Fuck off you fucking internet" - what I just said to my computer cos the internet is being shit.


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