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I wish I could be bothered to post more, but it does wear the tom out thinking and the such like...

I woke up at 8 today, and went to campus in a strange and turbulent move, which resulted in me getting annoyed with blue room computers, boosting pepsi's vending machine economy and creating a sexy totem pole on Houdini. Then Jake from hollyoaks (who happens to take my modelling course) entered the room, and the conversation went thus:

Jake:"err, ahh hmm"
Me:"errr mm hey"
J: "Hi, just er checkin er the um houdini working?"
M: "oh um yeah its er good?"
J: "k... er... you got um book?"
M: "yeah er its um good um?"

talking of conversations:

Doc: Well, I'm afraid you have tuberculosis. I need to know, are you a creationist?
Patient: What does that have to do with anything?
D: Well, I could give you the drugs that would cure Tuberculosis as it was discovered in 1937, or the modern drugs that treat the disease as it has evolved into today.
P: What's so great about the modern drugs?
D: They're intelligently designed...

this dude rules

apparently BBC wanna charge tax for owning pcs as well as tvs. hmph


David Hulbert 3:32 pm  

I read that joke yesterday! Twas funny. I just managed 2 transfer money from my savings using Opera Mini! Woo! I may try bloging now.

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