I was all like "hey cool there's a midget" (to myself), unfortunatly I then remembered that kids exist, which was a downer.

Strangely for the second week running I spent 18 quid on food, yet somehow it was totally different, which was nice. Luckily huge bag of baking potatos is like 84p today, which makes me warm and fuzzy inside.

I gonna go to campus all arvo today for various reasons stemming from work, and work and some more work. I'm a bit smelly tho, cos even tho I've had 2 showers in the past 12 hours, I am wearing the same clothes from yesterday, aha good plan get my washing outta machine....


I apologise to anyone who just heard my outburst of swearing just then, I tripped over my mp3 player and thought the world had ended.

Last night i read this awesome book for like 2.5 hours called "if chins could kill: confessions of a B Movie actor" - its the autobiography of the most awesome actor ever, Bruce Campbell. If you don't know who he is watch the 3 Evil Dead movies and u will understand the legend that he is.


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