I once said to mike

"hey mike" for that was his name at the time "if I was superman would you still love me" to which he didn't but should have replied "stop wearing my mom's thong and I'll think about it"

You may have noticed I havn't blogged for a while, I havn't cos I've been busy fighting a strange varient of Dolphin death, luckily I managed to give it to Gavin, Chloe and Louis, so my crime-fighting duties continue.

I don't mean to alarm anyone but not only did I wash my sheets but I also bought DJ Yoda tickets. This doesn't relate to it but its awesome and I want one. (don't click it dave u showed it to me!).

We had a power cut yesterday which resulted on us paniking, followed by my sexual arousal, I mean use of road works lights and phones to illuminate out souls. Then I revealed by laptop from a hidden orifice and we proceded to watch Austin Powers 2 and The Lion King. dude I'd never seen the Lion King before, I was like dang I can't wait to be king.

Random Quote

"I'm so far ahead of the game, I've gone home, showered, got changed and gone to the pub to celebrate already" - woot


Anonymous 2:05 pm  

Never seen The Lion King before?! I...just...*lost for words*

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