interesting dreams part 5billion

yes, well once more I had some crazy dreams which disturbed me, the first one I remember was to do with the uni or school organising a field trip, it was either u get to fly over the exeter/orpington in a shuttle for 70quid, or for 400 quid you got to go to space in a shuttle, and I was worrying that I was too poor and I couldn't afford it.

Next dream involved us going to a club in london and getting quite drunk, tho at some point I managed to get a job at the Lemmy, but they were first of all handing out a big bowl of heinikan that needed drinking.. interesting. and the I remember having to unclog a nacho machine, and various other weird duties, and Mike got fired. error. Anyway, after this club situation, I lost everyone apart from Adam and was quite drunk and walking around, and decided to walk into an ibm building to get a job (at 5am) and I managed to wrangle my way to talk to some important dude in his office, and I managed to be edgy enough to get a job offer, he offered me 17.33 an hour or something but I wasn't sure so we haggled about, anyway I got the job and was like woo, but then trains confused me and I got lost, but ended up home eventually and tried to tell my dad but he had a go at me cos my mum was asleep due to the shuttle decision or something...

in conclusion I must be scared of getting a job, the fact I have no money and that I keep getting lost...not that i do...hmmm... to the bar->


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