oki tbh

I'm pulling my hair out here, this program seems to be taking a life of its own and do stuff what I'm not telling it to do, the bastard...

Last night we were like, to new spoons, and then my phone was like wait foolio, and then I was like wtf. I walked out side and Nick appeared and I was like "whiskey tango foxtrot" I knew it!. which was awesome, nicks here for the week. he brought back edam! edam I tell u edam!

I don't really have much to say on this post, I'm really pissed off with my program tbh and varying aspects of my dreams which are getting worrying/annoying. I bought food tho so everything should be fine.

Pro Evolution Soccer is awesome.

Happy Birthday Krissy!!!!

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in reply to Exeter City not wanting the uni football team "churning" up their pitch

"they should play on concrete the wusses, I remember at skool we used to play on a bed of razor blades, needles from heroine addicts and the bodies of fallen teammates" - someone special


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