I heard on the grapevine

that susie the grape slept with julian the grape, which has sent ripples throughout the Vitaceae family for obvious reasons. that I won't elaborate. because they're obvious. and you know them. probably. I drank too much water today.

Thats right, I failed to get up again, however smallville was dope so I'll allow myself the chance to not die brutally to doggy's stare of doom and candyfloss. Check out the Very Best of Euphoric Dance Breakdown, its pretty sweet, though in the end all my dance albums seem to have roughly the same songs arranged differently with 2 or 3 new ones added.

Dave's not back till tomorrow cos his engine went to the place where all engines go when they pass on. down the garage. Luckily ad started a blog, so I can fill my time with insulting him more efficiently when he's not online or rooting through my rubbish bin. (yeah okay I nearly said garbage, blah blah)

I bought some loo roll, start using it fools, the curtains all used up now....

I'll try and find a cool photo to put on here for all ur visually aroused people

Random Quote:

"damn that non drinking attitude. whoever invented it needs mr and mrs spank to pay a trip to botty land" - some Crazy Dutch Bastard


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