motherfuckers gonna drop the pressure

apparently, but I wouldn't go there due to my background and lack of socks. Last night was drunk night with stu night, which involved us lot getting drunk with stu in da ram. awesomely we saw Zoe and she was doing the quiz, so we decided to do it as well to show them who wears the hat. Apparently it was Ronald Mcdonald but we weren't aware of that at the time... anyway we came joint 2nd with like 5 teams, and through varying random means of deciding we lost and zoe's team won (by won I mean came 2nd) so we killed everyone and went to the cheesy chip location ->

check this game, its incredibly addictive and makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside

Arsenal v Real Madrid 2nite, whoopa

I need to still do work, while listening to some Acid Jazz prefereably, acid jazz is awesome, along with other dance and rythmn based genres. Right to the loo, but first check this:

Random Quote

"Have you tried tieing a knot in a piece of rope thats only 1 inch long?" - Stu - after some cunning fallic talk, he got owned (cheers pete for the writage downage)


Anonymous 4:09 pm  

No one owned me fool

David Hulbert 4:48 pm  

We all own you fool!

Tommeh 6:02 pm  


Stuey D 11:54 pm  


Tommeh 10:47 am  


Anonymous 4:08 am  

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