I've had masses of requests

to post some photos of my naked body. though when I say masses, I mean Stu, and when I mean "post some photos of my naked body" I mean "to shut the hell up".....

I think its time for a photo invasion.... actually that sounds a bit crap


Here is a cunning reflective device me and dave created allowing ultimate viewage of the door below my window!

once more Sarah Michelle Gellar asks us to do the impossible....

....cross your eyes and focus on the image in the middle, 3Darama!

I feel ill -> food time


Anonymous 2:34 pm  

This one isnt about me! so i dont like it as much if i was about me.......but maybe ur pics are a little bit kewl i guess!xx

Anonymous 2:35 pm  

...incase u didnt get it i was form me :P... shocking isnt it!

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