and now for something (thankfully) different

brought to you in part by Pret A Manger - confusing Tom since 2006...

Tom: "Hello young sir, I would like to purchase this here preselected sandwich plus a cup of your fine hot chocolate... I mean black coffee"
Pret Dude: *mumbles something*
Tom: "er... Eat in?"
Pret Dude: "aha, milk in your coffee?"
Tom: "no thanks, black like the gates of hell"
*Pret dude wanders off to make coffee*
*Pret dude returns looking slighly puzzled\bemused*
Pret Dude: "You working today?"
Tom: "eh?"
Pret Dude: "You working today?"
Tom: "erm no?"
Pret Dude: "okay.... coffee. *mumbles something*"
Tom: "yes and/or no?"
*Tom watches as he places sandwich in a blantantly take away bag*
Pret Dude: "You want another coffee?"
Tom: "what? erm no thats oki"
Pret Dude: "k its free, I made it with milk by accident"
by which time I was scared and confused so ran away.

Turns out Pret A Manger sandwiches are like the nicest sandwiches in the world though. So I nearly forgave him. I also bought a dope quiksilver bag and scammed freespirit with an expired student card. Go the me.


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