I was thinking to myself

(as how would u think to anyone else?) you need to push the boundaries of your media tom. You need to reach the frontier of bloggable content, and far out-stay your welcome. I then also thought I needed a mascot who I confided in, but to do that properly I'd need to video blog. And to do that i'd need a decent cam-corder. And to do that I'd have to be comfortable with myself losing any shred of cool I have left.

But I really wanna. Mainly cos text bores the slightly dirty panties off me (hence my eggs and ham drawing earlier). Tho other major problems include I look st00pid and I my voice is less than understandable.

I solved both of these in 5 foul swoops. or 1.

(more later)


Anonymous 11:35 am  

*waits somewhat impatiently*

Michael 2:23 pm  

Did you get a sex change? Either that or you are going to do your blogging drunk.

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