Lollerskates and a bucket of gravy

In me usual suave way I got on the wrong train, instead of the 1218 arriving at 1458 , I got the 1205 arriving at 1408.... 2 hours! Thats insane fast, bonus points. and I got away with it thansk to nice ticket inspector. I've said for a while that stupidety is the new Intelligence.

A clever man once said "a blog's a blog a blogging blog a kit a cat a kitty cat" I'm gonna assume it was Craig David for want of a better role model.

ow. caffeine hurting heart. mmm warmth glow. grammer great.

How to make an energy drink:
mix 2 parts sweet to 5 parts pain and add a dash of "a little bit of sick, little bit of sick"

I think a woman on the train today was negotiating her affair next to me. It's fine, my can o' relentless and crazed eye movements made her susepct I was drinking alcomohol.

I slightly worried my masters is gonna be:

  • 7 times to drama
  • 7 times the caffeine
  • 7 times the time
  • Seventy times 7 the work
Also appears my course don't end till 10th September. crud.


Anonymous 6:56 pm  

7 times the vomiting
7 times the Stuey D
and 7 times the 7.

Stuey D 3:09 pm  

Word to the Mike and the Brand New Thomas.

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