once more my sanity has been brought into question

well let me say this, sanity is in the eye of the beholder:
WANTED: Parkour partner - where's dave when I need him

just done some online verbal test. Man I hate those. they can go to hell. they can go to hell and they can die. But I may have done it alrite. So lets P-A-R-T... Y? cos I gotta.

Recent doggy related feedback:

Raffle: you sound really odd
Tom: well I imagine a small stuffed toy dog would sound pretty odd
Raffle: I'm pretty sure they don't sound at all to be honest

touche young raffle.


Anonymous 6:44 pm  

Is it 'sanity is in the eye of beholder', or the 'beerholder'? Yeah, think on that one.

Also, I was quoted! w00t! I was going to tell you off for calling me 'young raffle' but then realised that you technically have that right. But only by 15 days!

Tommeh 10:25 am  

it sounded wrong when I typed it, hence why its in my blog :P

Anonymous 5:11 pm  

i wanna parkour 2 tom, when shall we meet up?

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