Why I miss Exeter

So. You know that feeling you get when you go somewhere for 3 years, make new friends, drink to much alcohol, become an entirely new person, find new interests, learnt new feelings, and loved a place rather than just people? Then you leave it and try and get a job. But you can't be assed. and your all like

"hey Stu, whats your worst nightmare?.... thats right I'm gonna do a masters in Exeter"

well I be feeling that right now. So...To the Ex..Ya can't keep me away.

That's right I'm gonna do a masters and nothing but lack of funds, no accommodation, rejection and serious brain damage can stop me. Applied Artificial Intelligence it is then.


Anonymous 12:50 pm  

*applauds for putting off finding a job for another year*

Stuey D 4:33 pm  

*stabs tom in the eye*

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