yo sluts

whoa that was a bit rude, I apologise like Megaman - with no conviction... get it? get it?

u may be thinking to yourself 1 of 2 things:

1) "Wait, I remember why I stopped reading this blog."
2)"I wonder what Tom has been up to in the time between his last post, will I have to interpolate?"

no need fearless reader for I shall briefly and sexily update you via the use of gregorian days

Sunday: arrived in exeter fresh faced and with style. Found some shockingly cheaper spoons vouchers and went down to the afformentioned spoons with Stu and Kath, where we started to drink the night away, and met Stu et Kath's friend Nick, so we celebrated by drinking more and Kath taking some scary photos.

Monday: Went to some postgrad meeting malarky with sam and her friend Chris, and then chilled all back down in the ram, old skool style. you knows it

Tuesday: my homeboy Gavin cruised into Exeter with his girlfriend Karen and we went bowling and drinking. Which is quite a perfect combination, seeing as it was only until I had 3 pints in me did I win a game of bowling. Beer - is there anything it can't do.

Wednesday: Went to a postgrad bar crawl, but got petrified and ran home to sort out my 2 and a half men addiction. Thats the show not some sick fetish. you daft racist.


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