you know that swoop I was talking about?

well unfortunatly its here. I apologise profusely, it started out awesome. Then somehow my video editing software destroyed the quality of it plus well it wasn't as humourous as I envisioned it but it may get better. *sigh*

Doggy Blog!


Anonymous 6:18 pm  

*pats tom on the head*

Although, coincidentally, I wore a crocodile-dundee type hat to bed last night, in tribute to Steve Irwin. I was going to say that obviously makes me and the dog twins, but realised that would make me a bitch *headdesk*

Wait, is 7 the new 42 then?

Michael 10:47 pm  


Anonymous 5:47 pm  

thats awesomefantasticsuperpants! (the vlog, not death of Mr Irwin).

Whens the next one? (the vlog, not death of Mr Irwin)

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