wouldn't it be really odd

if I didn't actually exist, and you're actually mentally crazy and dreamt up a person which u perceive (i before e except af....) to exist just to allow your brain to not realise and block out your own mental fragility that is slowly crumbling, supported only by the strangeness of someone you know, as a comparision.

To that extent perhaps you're not actually where you think you are but have in fact constructed an entire world and social construct to support the notion of me existing. You perhaps are possibly in a coma, in a mentally asylum or in any place rather than sitting at a computer reading this.

Perhaps this actual post is a small part of your brain actually trying to drag you back from this fantasy world, trying to alert you to the avalanche of irreversible damage this imaginary situation is doing to your already delicate mind set. Perhaps the sections I bold up in each post are in fact not just random but hold some special significance, to you and your life. Think about it.

Then again if I was imaginary and you'd constructed an entire world to support me, the least you would have done was allow me to spell correctly.



Anonymous 1:00 am  

You are actually insane

Anonymous 1:01 am  

Or else I am...o.O *brain implodes*

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