someone once said

To know the true meaning of life you must go to a bar with semi-naked women, fire and drinks at 2 euros a pop. I not sure he was right but it was damn fun trying it. Thats right I'm back in the mix with a bucket of holiday weetabix.

you know its reallly hard to summarise a holiday in a post, I not really sure where to start or end. People may of noticed I didn't even bother for denia cos my brain was mushed. I may try the ole bullet point technique first perfected by one John de la Cocklehead:

  • Awesome hotel, nice pool, slow yet good pool bar
  • The sink incident
  • Rex lookin like a lobster
  • Caesers Bar
  • Cocktails the size of your torso
  • Bars with beds in them...
  • Many a combination of food establishments
  • Colin attempting to pick both me and rex up
  • Sun-bathing
  • Some good book reading
  • Goddammit Rex
much more that I can't remember, maybe more later?

I fear I need to explain the sink incident though, so one night we all drank a bit too much, and I ended up vomitting expertly in the toilet, forgetting that colin can handle vomit like Superman can handle kryptonite. So he throws up as well, and anyway some how we discover in the rucus when we turn on the sink tap, water hits our feet. Too drunk to work it out we went to sleep.

The follow morning, through the pounding hangover we remembered and tried to fix it. All we could see is the pipes were horrendously mis-aligned. So we called rex in to try and fix it, cos we couldn't understand what was wrong. After looking at it for a few seconds, he was all like "hey guy, stop kidding my limb" and so we replied "eh?" to which he uttered " you do realise the sink is like a foot from the wall". To which we replied "what the mother fudge", and realised we'd managed to rip the sink from the wall, without even noticing. So a quick yank and it was all good. then we fixed the sink... haw haw. *sigh*

Anyway, back to truely understand Caesers u need to go there, here's a sneak preview:


Anonymous 12:49 pm  

On a scale of 1 to man I miss that place already...*le sigh*

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