And so another day of rampage...

And so the day of spoons and Nick Birthday celebrations began...

"I'm a ghost, woooo" exclaimed a puzzled Nick, questioning his existence...

Nick's cunning impression of a mucket...

men. Fire. Knives. whoopas!

"oh gosh darn it" cried Nick in ponderment "you fiends have Lobbed toilet papier upon my house, gyarr"

After a frightfully fraught nite of sleep once more, after a large amount of alcohol consumption the nite before, and keeping Nick up before his last exams - sorry nick! - and being hit over the head with a pineapple by a very drunk chloe..... we proceeded to the spoons at 11am yesterday for a much earned english brekkie and alcohol for the family. We proceeded to try and completly get nick drunk, which kinda work quite well in a sense, and there were large expoltions of the word "Cunt" around the place. Unluckily the drunk virus also struck down Alex, who was like "argh I be drunk". etc

Following on we went to get food from tesco, nick and alex were left wandering around like drunkard fools for a while before we collected them. Then back to our place for a magnifico bbq and many a drink which just seemed to sober up mr nick.

rite my shoulder hurts, check it:

Random Quote:

Dave: "wots up"
Mike: "lesbian romeo and juliet"
Dave: *drools*


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