tbh, why the fudgerygar was a dustbin dude in our backalley at 6am fucking shit up. damn him.

what do you call a black guy flying a plane?

so in conclusion yesterday was much chillage, cruised around town muchly, got new arsenal shirt, its more booshank than a robot made of sand, that eats sand and attempts to overthrow the government via a complicated system of levers and pulleys.

Following this excursion we decided it would be a good time to go to the ram for some early evening relaxin and maxing. More performances occured there, and some alcohol. Me and al then went over to girlies for poker. We resulted in alex getting extremely hammered, and after some friends game disappearing home.

On my return to our humble abode I found his shoes scattered throughout the aformentioned house, along with keys. Excellent. Still woke up at 6 this morning for some reasons, damn them all.

So to attack the debate of batman begins and sin city - which is better - i have decided to relate to the matter as i drop the bomb. Batman Begins is awesome. Sin City is awesome. 'nuf said, now someone tell mike that tim burton's 1989 movie sucks in comparision to Batman Begins.

And don't get me started on superman again. New family guys good btw and shizer I need to get ready for my holiday. Last Doctor Who was awesome btw, check it.

A pilot you racist.

Random Quote:

"A solitary killer, the fire truck stalks its prey...."
"hmmm, well since you ask louis, I find this meatloaf rather shallow and pedantic"
"bible fight!!!"
"attention restaurent customers...testicles...that is all" - collection of Family Guy quotes.. duh


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