Yesterday In Pictures

Once more Pete's drunkan finder finger strikes again....

...."hey look" retorted Mike in wonderment "I can dargle daar blafgh" as he fell asleep...

...probably not the most cunning method of transport among the drunk nation ..

The Aftermath of mike's adrenaline, alcohol-fueled ramage, was the destruction of one kitchen avec la pomme pommes...

Right so I'm pissed off, i've written this post already but blogger died and everyone blew up but i shall write it again cos I'm cool like that

So last nite, much funny, played poker and generally caught up with girls at their crib during the day, then went to the ram to meet dave/pete/mike for much drinkage, chloe followed shortly after. They were all quite tipsy by the time I got there, and the alochol drunk did not help their sobriety. Mike managed to get so drunk that he got told he'd have to leave if he didn't stop passing out! He then disappeared never to return, dave was also quite drunk and various random talking to people proved this. In the mean time there was a conflict of interests between who was better boys or girls. After a lot of drinks and various stumblings we made it back to dave/mike/pete's crib, where the deconstruction of their kitchen had taken place with frozen chips everywhere and burnt ones in the oven. All quite cunning of mike really ;)

Random Quote:

Ad: "I hate Uri Gellar, he's a twonk"
Me: "Yeah, he's a forking bender" - me once again proving i suck


Michael 11:36 am  

You appear to have captured the essence of my being. Hazzar my good man.

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